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The California Desert Coalition (CDC) was formed to defeat the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power's Green Path North transmission project.  With the support of our communities, we realized a tremendous success in stopping this ill-conceived project.

Today, CDC continues its efforts to protect our California desert and our unique communities for future generations to enjoy.

Our focus, as before, is to ensure that the California Desert, including its communities and public lands, does not become a sacrifice zone in the rush to develop renewable energy.

We work for green solutions that benefit the planet, and don't believe we have to destroy the environment in order to save it.  As such we have been working with government agencies in the development of California's state-mandated Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP). We intend that the voices of desert residents be heard in this process.

We hope you will join with us to ensure that the special qualities of this desert, where we chose to make our homes, are not taken away from us.  As we recognized in our effort to stop the transmission lines:

             We have a lot to fight for!

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 we are fighting to protect.

CDC's Most Important Project:
Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP)

Please join with CDC and participate in the DRECP planning process.

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What the California Desert will look like in the next half century will to a great extent be the result of the current planning process for the DRECP, and the plan has the potential to dramatically effect the communities of the Morongo Basin.

The DRECP planning process gives us an opportunity to speak up for our homes, our values, our local economy, and the creatures with which we share our public lands. But, only if we grasp the opportunity, only if we make the effort.

Renewable energy in itself is a valuable component in the effort to reduce greenhouse gases. However, utility-scale energy projects are just not appropriate in the Morongo Basin with its rural communities that are surrounded by important conservation lands--Joshua Tree National Park, Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, Pioneertown Mountains Preserve, San Gorgonio Wilderness, and Bighorn Mountain Wilderness.

If we wake up in a tomorrow where the lands surrounding our homes are scraped bare of every living thing to build industrial solar fields, where darkness brings not night skies but fields of blinking red and white lights atop whirling wind turbines, and where transmission towers line our highways and byways, then we will know that we didn't do enough--but it will be too late.

Where should renewable energy be sited in California?

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